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If you need me I’ll be in the Fish Lake suite tonight. (Taken with Instagram at Target Field)


So this is amazing. Twin Cities Transit

Made by Paul Wenzel — Data is delivered in real-time from the Metro Transit API, but we’re not affiliated.

BANGARANG. (City Pages has a bunch of these Gifs that Erik Hess (@fivesixzero) made from Rock the Garden.)

Bangarang (Taken with Instagram at Walker Art Center)

I know [human error is] part of the game, but I say it shouldn’t be. I want a ball called a ball and a strike called a strike. That’s what the game is. It’s not Eric Gregg’s strike zone. It’s not what our game is. I don’t care what anyone says. I could get fined for it every day of my life. It’s my belief. Our game is not somebody else’s strike zone. Our game is what the book says. That’s how it should be played from Little League to Cooperstown, to make it fair, to make it right.

Bobby Valentine (via mightyflynn)

Lookin’ good Minneapolis!

Can you see the heat? (Taken with Instagram at Target Field)


New flyer art for 2012. Thanks to Johnny at Modern Climate. Full-size posters coming soon!  

What a night for a ball game. (Taken with Instagram at Target Field)

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